Stock Designs

Our Stock Designs

This page is solely for providing information on our stock designs, whether complete or incomplete. We design different types of multihull boats and cruisers and place them here for your orders. Also, these designs are firstly updated as new designs before they are categorised.

It is pertinent to note that we offer our stock designs in the form of stock building plans meant to suit a client’s demands. It allows us to make modifications to designs for customisation. Our stock designs offer various techniques such as sail plan, interior and exterior profile plan, arrangement plan, or construction plan.

Our stock designs are:

90s Stock Designs

The 90s stock designs are still very much trendy; hence, they are still part of our stock designs. However, they are newly constructed designs and not recycled work.

Charter Cats

We are reputable for producing the best of Charter cats in and outside Australia. We are also involved in the certification process of each hull design. Our cruising cats serve more purpose than boating activities as they include providing accommodation with their seats.

 We employ different methods and materials in construction to achieve desired and customised designs. Our Charter cats list includes 32′ power limousine cat, 32 power ferry, 34′ power catamaran, 36′ Day charter catamaran, etc.


Regardless of the size, shape, and design, we make the best cruisers that serve numerous sea purposes. Our objectives behind each construction process are to provide a smooth sailing experience and ensure comfort on the sea.

The world is gradually revolving and also entails specific improvements made on classic multihulls cruisers. Hence, modern cruisers are more efficient from the bridge deck to the waterline length and so on.

We have cruising boat designs that include 26′ Trailerable Trimaran, 35′ Cruising Trimaran, 38′ Tri w/flared main hull, 45′ cruising catamaran, 48′ Catamaran.

Racing Boats

One particular feature of a racing boat is its high-performance. It is one of the most efficient multihulls you will ever find at a budgeted level. Instead of investing in expensive ships, it is advisable to settle down for a racing yacht and review its hardware from time to time.

Our designs, over the years, have been much appreciated and utilised across the countries as tools for racing. They include 30′ Trimaran, 30′ Trailerable trimaran- version 5, 35′ rapid Catamaran, formula 40 Trimaran and 40′ performance Trimaran.


Daysailers are common partly due to their simplicity in construction. Also, they are perfect boats for adventurous and exciting sails. Although commonly referred to as amateur works, we love to practice with them and invent developments.

Our Daysailers are not limited to 20′ Trimaran, 16′ Trimaran. Trikala 19, 23′ Daysailer Trimaran and 12′ Cartop Trimaran.

Power Boats

We also deal in powerboats. Powerboats offer a better ride for less power and at increased speed. Often, powerboats are based on individual customisation.

Our powerboats designs include 21′, 28, and 32 power cats, 38′ Trimaran water, 32′ Power ferry and 40′ cruising power catamaran.