Sell Your Boats

Selling Your Boats

We are also in the business of trading used boats and can act as your agent. As agents, we guide you through the whole process and give free advice tips.

Before thinking of disposing of your boat, you should be looking forward to finding a new one. We can help you pull through that as well via our other pages. Kindly view our stock designs and sales page. We are sure it will inform your final decision.

Also, we give the best commission rate on sales and which is very competitive. As pretty simple as selling one’s boat may seem, it involves specific steps, which include:


There is no way goods are sold without a price. We value your boats, considering factors such as the market value, duration of usage, and such vessel’s working capacity. As a company in the area, we are more equipped with such knowledge and may not need to dig deeper into research. The first valued price is, however, susceptible to changes but not without your permission.


Location answers the question, “where to sell.” We put your boat designs up for sale on our website with a detailed description. If you wish to deliver the vessel to us, we also physically park it at the shore with a “for-sale” inscription in addition to listing it on our affiliate websites.

Prepping Your Boat

Before selling your boat, we need to prep it, that is, clean and wax it. This process would make it attractive and increase its value. Sometimes, we may conduct repairs when necessary.


We also take care of all paper works and legal issues. Paper works include registration and title documents as well as maintenance records.


How can I sell my boat fast?

To increase the value of your boat and increase its visibility, we prep your boat. Also, we partner with affiliate brands to reach a wider audience.

How to sell your boat online?

We help you put your boat up for sale online and on our affiliate websites. Contact us today through our details below.

Can I trade a car for a boat?

No, you cannot. We only make a trade that involves the exchange of boats. Also, we value both boats before trade-in can be conducted.

How do I value my boat?

We value your boats, considering factors such as the market value, duration of usage, and such vessel’s working capacity. We conduct our research and conclude with you. However, the first price is not always the final price.

Can I sell my boat privately?

Selling a boat is like selling a car. However, it is preferable to use an agent or broker to sell at the appropriate estimated price and increase visibility. We help you achieve this seamlessly.

How much does it cost to sell a boat?

For private sales, it does not cost a penny, although your property may be undervalued. On the other hand, agents or brokers charge a certain percentage of the selling price as commission, and throughout Australia, we offer the best commission rates, which is very competitive.