Power Multihull Designs

Our Power Multihulls Designs

Power multihulls are most suitable for speed activities, and it is designed to reduce power consumption level. The boat offers an exciting ride and increases the range of cruisers that doesn’t cost much. For catamarans, they are similar to other kinds of power cruisers, but the hull’s middle is often chopped.

Furthermore, power cats examine what the problems are and the possible solution. Sometimes, we decide to switch things up and ended up with new inventions. For instance, we sometimes use the regular drag hulls for ordinary sailboats for a power multihull. However, we can only use a planning hull where the primary desire for possessing a powerboat is the speed involved.

Displacement is optimisable to enhance the speed of a powerboat. Some of our designs include

21′ Powercat

This powerboat was first designed about 15 years ago and later became popular, especially among the rowing team’s chase boats. It is a perfect boat for any kind of weather and is cost-effective.

Nonetheless, well are carrying out improvements on the bridge decks at no cost for our clients.

28′ Powercat

This boat is quite flexible and is built in plywood or composite. It can act as a pick-up truck on the sea, and its features such as the thin hulls, high bridge decks, and declining cabin allow it to withstand the weather. The beams are usually more oversized, and it reduces distractions caused by wave between the hulls. Hence, it is cost-effective.

The 28′ Powercat is also flexible in movements; thus, it can turn 360 degrees.

32′ Ferry Catamaran

It is made up of either foam or glass and can take twenty-one people on short journeys. It doesn’t consume much power, although it has an impressive speed level.

32′ Powercat Cruiser

It calls for mobile accommodation between islands in Hawaii. Like most others, it is cost-effective and suitable for all weather conditions. It is also referred to as Glacier Bay Hulls.

It is not particularly surprising that it originated in the 90s because of its built-in features, although it is now packed with innovations. However, unlike other multihulls, it is relatively slow, and the high bridge deck helps with the slop. A power cat cruiser is either built with foam or glass material and is powered for three Years.

Custom Designs

Apart from sales of boats and repairs, one of our specialised fields is customisation. You may request specific details to be added or improved upon on our stock design plans or ask for an entirely new design developed based on your idea.

Usually, there are different reasons why you or anyone would want to buy or rent a boat. Hence, it is essential to determine which one suits one’s purpose. Majorly, a multihull must be improved in terms of speed and performance. Also, the best is the one that consumes less power and, thus, cost-effective.

As an expert in the field for years, we provide solutions to different boating problems and customise them to your taste.