New Designs

Our New Designs

In Australia, we are known as one of the leading companies in the manufacture of multihull boat designs. Nonetheless, we strive to get better each day; thus, our team discovers new designs frequently. Our unique designs are updated here before grouping into categories such as stock plans and include:

42′ Dive Charter Catamaran

Dive boats seem to be in vogue nowadays. They are not only trendy but very essential for recreational activities. A dive boat is used as a means of transportation to a dive location that could not otherwise be reached by swimming. They may be propelled by muscle power or wind and generally by an internal combusted engine.

The 42′ dive charter catamaran offers convenience plus affordability. You have access to a wide range of facilities from water, safety equipment, radio, etc., and most importantly, it is very spacious.

This new design covers the waterline by 12.72 when the beam is measured at 5.64m, and weight is recorded as 3,923kg. Its draft is 0.6m, while the bridge deck is 0.762m. Hence, its total length is 12.86m which is equivalent to 42′-2″.

63′ Trimaran

It refers to a 63′ Trimaran in composite materials and is a pocket-size of the 72′ trimaran. When in possession of one, you have access to impressive features such as a significant bridge deck with powerful upwind sailing performance and improving its manoeuvrability. We constructed this with glass and added carbon fibre beams. The interior looks are typical of any trimaran boat consisting of a stateroom, office, and navigation station.

The 63′ Trimaran forms part of our new designs and covers a total length of 19.2m with its beam at 13.64m and draft at 0.71/3.8m. Overall, it weighs 15.150lb, equivalent to 6.874kg.

56′ Catamaran in Composite Materials

We are incredibly excited about this new design because it offers a combination of ease and swift performance and ensures divers’ safety. Our construction materials are either foam or glass sandwich, and its main features include four spacious staterooms.

The design is purely a cruiser with a salon that allows for full visibility without any distractions. The 56′ Catamaran is in composite with Aero Rig and covers a total length of 17.16m with its beam at 9.69m and draft at 6.1/3.0m. Overall, it weighs 22.500lb equivalent to 13,390kg.

31′ Trimaran

The 31′ Trimaran is not the first of its kind and is similar to the old CSA31. Combined with sliding connectives, it is one of Italy’s best designs, although it involves a rigorous protected design. The overall length is measured at 9.44m, 8.08m beam, and 0.4/2.4m draft measurement. It weighs 1.020kg placing the total displacement at 3.950lb.

40′ Trimaran

This design was fashioned after the fast-selling 37′ Trimaran design but slightly spacious. It retains the natural and moulded look, although it is bigger and made of either foam or glass. The structure weighs 2.155kg and covers an overall length of 12.2m.

37′ Bridge-Deck Catamaran

It is constructed jointly with triaxial roving and foam core and is, therefore, roomier and efficient. It has a flared hull which provides for more space, although with a slender waterplane. It measures 11.43m in total.