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Every day we bring in new products with varying descriptions that may suit your demands. We are committed to improving Australians’ boating life and look forward to spreading our wings beyond the country. Apart from manufacturing, we engage in repairs, trade-ins, and sales.

We have various designs for sale ranging from cat designs to charters. Our stock designs are presented in the form of design plans. They include:

36′ Folding Catamaran

36′ folding catamaran is made from composite materials and has a mast raising system protected under intellectual property. It is measured at 10.97m, beaming in at 2.59m, and out at 7.16m.

48′ Catamaran

This composite vessel is credited for its high performance and was once built by MCTEC in Tunisia. Once MCTEC ceased production, the competition increased and promoted us into action to provide for your demands. We offer these at affordable prices. Its measurements are total length (14.17m) Waterline length (14.0m); Beam (28′-4″ or 8.53m); Draft (0.57/2.2m); Weight (12,860 lb); Displacement (23,500 lb); Bridge-deck (3′-3″).

58′ Catamaran

This boat is one of the original designs made by Sunchaser. Based on popular opinion, they are back in the market.

This cat charter is especially useful for cruising and charter purposes. It also had a laminate design and has completed all certification processes.

58′ Power Catamaran

It formed part of the Sunchaser powercat designs and was highly in demand. They are often used for cruising and charter functions. The hull model SC58 manages fuel and is easy to drive. It offers a convenient ride through the rounded section and waterplane.

Most importantly, it completes 25 knots at top speed and has a unique laminate design.

31′ Folding Trimaran

31′ folding Trimaran is a composite construction that a curious group first commissioned. It was a modification to existing designs and has significantly improved features; for instance, it is foldable, more attractive, and offers a fantastic ride. It also protects the driver with its width, length, and amas. The only disadvantage is in its economics.

47’/50′ Cruising Catamaran

This 47′ cat cruiser has been upgraded to 50′. The hulls are flared and, therefore, very spacious. It is divided into compartments although keeping a skinny water-plane on the surface while its upgraded rig and aerodynamic structure allow superior windward work. It is also a form of composite construction and utilised materials such as foam and glass. We have both the old and the newest version. Currently, the most recent has a lesser slope towards the front window. Overall, it is desirable and sleek.

31′ Trimaran

Initially, we sold CSA31, and the world welcomed it. However, it became obsolete, and there was a need to improve on the design. The new design came in like 31′ Trimaran. In many ways, they are similar. Combined with sliding connectives and measured at 9.44m, it is one of Italy’s best designs, although it involves a rigorous protected design.

Why Icecat?

You are probably wondering what makes us different if we have similar designs to other companies. That seems right. Our expertise and creativity make all the difference. While plans may look similar, our quality is far more excellent than our competitors. Our team comprises individuals who have made a mark in one aspect or the other in the industry.

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