Cruising Cats

Our Cruising Cats

We also produce cruising cats. Cruising cats is the right way of managing resources while buying the best vessel. It is beneficial and responsive.

Our cruising cats’ features were designed and constructed to give you the best at sea and are mainly differentiated from the old classic style with these parts. Also, we offer customisation services; hence, we can tailor our stock designs to your demands.

We understand that time is essential; therefore, we deliver at great speed and a high-performance level. Furthermore, during construction, we consider and test the finished products based on weight capacity, Bridge-deck clearance, structural concept, seaworthiness, deck surface, and ease of usage.

Unlike the classic styles, modern cruisers are more solemn and often consist of a beam, freeboard with underway water. An experience with our cruising cats transcends many experiences with others because we set our standards.

We have different Trimaran cruising yachts that offer excellent handling from the functionality of its foils, hulls, and controls that combines well in the right direction. Also, the interior decor is flexible and may be customised to our clients’ needs. This application is also true of rigs and sail area. Also, most bridge-deck cats are built in the composite of certain materials, usually sheet.

Our designs include:

26′ Cruising Trailerable Trimaran

It is built in plywood and comes with fast speed and delivery. The cruising cat has two berths on the port side but still fast in construction. We have provided pictures detailing the prototype and pre-construction process.

Overall, it is more prominent but light, with set-up taking about an hour. It weighs 614kg but covers a total length of 8.12 m.

30″ Cruising Cameraman

This yacht weighs 1337 kilograms adding up features such as a full erected headroom in the hull. The cruising cats have also been described because of the level of their wind performance. Also, it has two berths on its port side. The yacht offers a combination of payload and good delivery.

35′ Trimaran

We have been in the business of making Trimaran cruisers and do understand the nitty-gritty to a considerable extent. Currently, we are building on the existing features to enhance the speed and add other features. Usually, the features include big amas, low board, and a rotating mast on the outside. At the same time, the interior consists of beautiful starboard with a single port.

The 10.82m cruiser serves both recreational activities and provides conducive accommodation.

36′ Cruising Catamaran

This cruiser is built in either plywood or composite and is measured at 11m. Also, the design is similar to that of a pocket ocean cruiser. It has a better bridge deck; hence the design offers excellent performance and safety in different sailing conditions.

Another attractive attribute of this cruiser includes division into compartments. It can be divided into a lounge, dining area, and others.

45′ Cruising Cat

A 45′ cruising cat had a total length of 14m and larger with space for a cockpit sun cover. The hulls inside are flared, which allows for freedom. It is a special kind of cruiser for blue-water activities.