Charter Designs

Our Charter Designs

The list of vessels in this category are known as charter multihulls across the world, and we are glad to be recognised as one of the leading firms in Australia and beyond to be in its production and sales business. Our charter designs are spectacular designs specially made for your use beyond the sea experience. They are often spacious and, therefore, offer accommodation and uses other than cruising.

The duration of building these designs is not at all long. More so, technology has made quite a lot of improvements for ease. Also, we utilise different building methods that are not limited to hull building, cabin method, and developed ply.

Our charter designs include:

32′ Passenger Ferry

It is a special kind of cat cruiser made up of composite materials and designed to carry a maximum of twenty-one passengers on any journey. It is developed with hulls that consume less power and bring about no wake. Also, construction is made from either foam or glass.

Having its displacement at 3,1666kg and weight at 1,711kg, it measures 9.78m in total.

32′ Limousine Cat

This cat design which forms part of our charter designs is made up of plywood and measured between 32’and 0′, equivalent to 9.75m. It is very efficient for most occasions.

34′ Power Charter Catamaran

Like most others, the 34′ power charter catamaran is developed in composite materials. The charter is designed for a smooth voyage and can accommodate only about 16 passengers. Usually, it travels along the north shore of Kauai.

It brings about a little wake and comes with less power; hence, it is cost-effective. Also, it is made of glass or foam. It functions with a beam of 3.65m and on a displacement level of 4,0005. Its total length is 10.6m.

36′ Day Charter Catamaran

It is purely developed from plywood, although sometimes available in composite materials. Our charters are certified and can take a maximum of twenty-four passengers. Initially, it was known as a boat in a box.

The overall length of a 36’day charter catamaran is 11m working with a beam measured at 6.84 and, therefore, weighs 4,400lb.

42′ Day Charter Motor Sail Catamaran

The 42′ Day charter sail catamaran was designed to perform a lot of functions. Often, it is designed in plywood and runs at an incredible speed due to the flat running of its hulls and big engines.

This day charter runs on a 110hp engine diesel and compatible with all weather conditions. Its length at the waterline is 12.95 of the 13.07 total length. Overall, it weighs 10,650lb.

Yellow Bird, a 48’Day Charter Catamaran

It is made of composite materials in foam or glass weighing about 11,860lb. However, it can source power from within or without. Another interesting fact about the 14.71m charter is that it is built as a demountable yacht or vessel.

42′ Day Charter Catamaran

This day charter weighs 3,923kg and measures 12.86m in total length but still very easy to build and thus, doesn’t take long to finish.

For all of our charter designs, we complete all their certification processes.