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We Are Industry-Leading Catamaran, Yachts, and Boat Designers.

The Best Experience -----

Getting the best catamaran, yacht, or boat is a luxury that everyone should have access to. This is our belief at Icecat, and this is what we try to achieve. We are committed to ensuring that everyone enjoys the best experience when it comes to their boat design.

What We Offer

We offer the following:

New Designs

In Australia, we are known as one of the leading companies in the manufacture of multihull boat designs. Nonetheless, we strive to get better each day; thus, our team discovers new designs frequently. Our unique designs are updated here before grouping into categories such as stock plans.

Stock Designs

This page is solely for providing information on our stock designs, whether complete or incomplete. We design different types of multihull boats and cruisers and place them here for your orders. Also, these designs are firstly updated as new designs before they are categorised. Also, we offer our stock designs in the form of stock building plans meant to suit a client’s demands.

Cruising Cats

We also produce cruising cats. Cruising cats is the right way of managing resources while buying the best vessel. It is beneficial and responsive. Our cruising cats’ features were designed and constructed to give you the best at sea and are mainly differentiated from the old classic style with these parts. Also, we offer customisation services; hence, we can tailor our stock designs to your demands.

Power Multihulls Designs

Power multihulls are most suitable for speed activities, and it is designed to reduce power consumption level. The boat offers an exciting ride and increases the range of cruisers that doesn’t cost much. For catamarans, they are similar to other kinds of power cruisers, but the hull’s middle is often chopped.

Charter Designs -----

The list of vessels in this category are known as charter multihulls across the world, and we are glad to be recognised as one of the leading firms in Australia and beyond to be in its production and sales business. Our charter designs are spectacular designs specially made for your use beyond the sea experience. They are often spacious and, therefore, offer accommodation and uses other than cruising.

For Sale -----

Every day we bring in new products with varying descriptions that may suit your demands. We are committed to improving Australians’ boating life and look forward to spreading our wings beyond the country. We have various designs for sale ranging from cat designs to charters. Our stock designs are presented in the form of design plans.

Sell Your Boats

We are also in the business of trading used boats and can act as your agent. As agents, we guide you through the whole process and give free tips. We value your boats, considering factors such as the market value, duration of usage, and such vessel’s working capacity. We conduct our research and conclude with you.

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